Karen and the Babes

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“Do you watch all the episodes?” (x)

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“Don’t worry because I’m going to fight them off.”

During the Nerd HQ “Conversations for a Cause” with Matt, Karen, and Arthur

I love this, so very very much.

Some people would say something sly and patronizing to this girl, and make all the grown-ups laugh. “Ohhh the weeping angels are sooo scary bla bla blah.” But Matt asks this young lady if she’s scared, and she’s honest, and he sees the seriousness in her - because she believes this stuff, it’s part of her universe! And he goes into that universe with her, and tells her the truth from her perspective. He doesn’t say “It’s all pretend, sweetie, there’s nothing to be scared of,” or “Those silly weeping angels can’t hurt you,” or “The Doctor’s got it covered,” or dismiss her in any way. He steps into her world, and promises her that she’ll be safe in a language that she understands.

In my opinion this is the dictionary definition of respecting someone else’s beliefs. You win, Matt. You win so damn hard.

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[x] please like/reblog/scream if you save for future use.

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Or you can just come and be an Amy Pond cosplayer and not tell anybody who you are (x).

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Do you watch all the episodes? (x)

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Because no one can truly get tired of this.

Because no one can truly get tired of this.

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Who’s the strangest?

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